Traditional Housewarmings Gift Box


Traditional Housewarming

 Housewarming is a cause for celebration and is a practice that dates back many centuries and spans cultures worldwide. We have thoughtfully created this gift box incorporating a traditional theme of products and produce that are reminiscent and symbolic of days gone by but are still as important today. We begin with wine from the Zonzo Estate expressing that hope, joy & prosperity reign forever in a home. The smooth Maya Honey, to always enjoy the sweetness of life. Olive oil from the Grampians Olive Company, so one may be blessed with health & wellbeing. The hand-poured soy candle by Pamilli with the magnificent scent of Casablanca, lilies, and greenery, so as to always dwell in light and happiness and finally, the 50% linen,50% cotton tea towel from Coffee Towels expressing hope and love in creating a new abode. This representative keepsake gift box is a gesture that will hold its own best wish and special intention!

Gift Box Includes:

  • 1 x Choice of Beverage
  • 1 x Maya Honey Yellow Box Raw Honey
  • 1 x Grampians Olive Co Signature Olive Oil
  • 1 x Pamilli Soy Candle H 9cm x D 7cm Burn for up to 45 hrs
  • 1 x Coffee Towel Tea Towel
  • 1 x Keepsake Box with Magnetic Lid

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