Sweet Entertainer Gift Box


Sweet Entertainer

It is a special feeling when you are a giver of a gift that you are certain the recipient will love. Bestowing a gift need not be complicated and this giftbox will surely have that wow factor.

Grennvalley have created the ‘Tear’ cheese board ideally named due to its distinctive shape. Made from camphor laurel timber with a grain that is fine and even in texture, its main feature is the differentiation of colours that are never the same with any two produced boards and can range from golds to deep reds in colour. To add, the variant grains can be either straight, interlocked, or wavy. A truly unique piece!

Alongside, we have included a beautifully crafted Tasmanian cheese knife. This finely grained honey coloured knife is made with Huon Pine wood which is one of the oldest living plants in the world and only grown in the east and west of Tasmania.

A drizzle of sweet honey to enhance the flavours of cheese is why we have finally included our favourite honey from Maya Sunny Honey. This raw yellow box has a light amber hue with delicate notes resulting in a honey that is versatile in its use.

Wonderfully presented in a keepsake box, this gift is a perfect testimony to Australian artisanship at its finest!

Gift Box Includes:

  • 1 x Greenvalley Cheese Board 310mm x 240mm x 25mm
  • 1 x Huon Pine Cheese Knife
  • 1 x Maya Sunny Honey Yellow Box Honey 50g
  • 1 x Keepsake Giftbox with Magnetic Lid

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