Aspar Botanical Australian Made Hand Wash 500ml


Aspar Botanical Handwash 500ml

ASPAR Botanical sulphate-free hand wash is softly scented with desert lime/lotus leaf and lavender to leave hands feeling soft and rejuvenated. 

A sulphate-free, natural hand wash that gently cleanses your hands without dehydrating your skin. Infused with Aspar's signature spa blend of ‘relax’ essential oils that immediately transports your senses to a luxurious day spa, calming your mind with every wash. The high-quality pump top is long-lasting. Refill option with a flip-top cap also available.

Product Benefits

Sweet almond moisturizes, protects and hydrates your skin. Patchouli helps to ground, balance, and clarify your senses while easing daily stresses.

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